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1. Pressure Handle 5. Minus 9. Fuse
2. Pressure Adiustrnent Screw 6. Mode Setting 10. Power ON-OFF
3. Silicon Mug Wrap 7. Plus 11. Play
4. Digital Display 8. oC / oF 12. Accessory Interface Port
Multifunctional Mug Press (4-in-1)
Gross Weight: 11 KG
Bi-voltage (220/110V)
Packing: Carton Packing
Measure: 380mm x 370mm x 320mm
Heater sizes
ϕ7.5 - ϕ9.0cm fits for 11 oz/15 oz coated mugs/beer stein mugs, etc
ϕ5.0- ϕ7.5cm fits for mini mugs 5 oz-10 oz /water bottles
ϕ8.8 x H14.9cm fits for 17 oz Latte Mugs (cone-shaped)
ϕ9.0 x H9.8cm fits for 12 oz Lttne Mugs (cone-shaped)
The all in one mug press has been recognized as one of the most popular heat press machine. The press is designed with 4 additional mug heaters, applicable for Soz to 22oz mugs and even 12oz and 17oz cone shape latte mugs. With the powerful alternatives, you can imprint different mugs as wanted. Thanks to the device, users can make any specific cone-shaped mug or normal straight mug consecutively. simply by replacing different mug heaters. When the mug heaters need to be changed. loose the screw, take out the old mug heater, replace it with the targeted mug heater, and finally tighten the screw. The machine offers users a choice to print any attractive images onto mugs, With its digital manipulation and humanized design, this new device has been proven to be a perfect machine for printing mugs.
Weight: 34kg
Packing: 1 Set
Dimension: 30 x 38cm
Voltage: 220V/110V
Color: Blue/Gray
Packing Size: 53 x 47 x 47cm
2 plate mats, mug presses, and a cap heater. It is designed for printing items such as mug, plate, cap, flat items and other sublimation gifts.
1. Diameter ϕ5.0 - ϕ17.5 cm Mug Heater
2. Diameter ϕ7.5 - ϕ9.0 cm Mug Heater
3. ϕ9.0 x H9.8 cm cone-shaped Mug Heater
4. ϕ8.8 x H14.9 cm cone-shaped Mug Heater
1. Diameter 11 cm plate heating part
2. Diameter 15 cm plate heating part
1. 14 x 8.5 cm hat heater
1. Temperature Controller 5. Pressure Handle  
2. Time Controller 6. Pressure-adjusting Knot  
3. Silloon Flat Mat 7. Heat Platen  
4. Work Table    
Voltage: 220V/110V
Color: Black
Dimension: 38cm x 38cm
Temperature & Time
Textile:180oC   100-120S
Tiles:180oC  240-360S
Packing: carton packing
Weight: 30Kg
Gadgets: 180oC  100-120S
Cotton T-shirts: 180oC  15-25S
Package Size: 730 x 490 x 490mm
Flat heating can transfer images onto flat materials including T-shirts, puzzles, tiles, mouse pads, glass and cutting boards. etc.
The flat clamshell press boasts the advantages of simple operation, perfect printing effect, competitive price. durable structure and elegant appearance.
Digital Mug Press
Item Code: Wo#001
  Multifunctional Mug Press

Item Code: Wo#002
  8-in-1 Combo Heat Press
Item Code: Wo#003
  6-in-1 Combo Heat Press
Item Code: Wo#004
Digital Flat Heat Press 15x15
Item Code: Wo#005
  5-in-1 Combo Heat Press
Item Code: Wo#006
  Flat Clamshell Press 16x24
Item Code: Wo#007
  3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine
Item Code: Wo#008
3D Mini Vacuum Sublimation Press
Item Code: Wo#009
Shot Glass Heater
Item Code: Wo#010
  Mini Mug Heater
Item Code: Wo#011
  Silicone Plate Mat I / II
Item Code: Wo#012
  Digital Silicon Mug Wrap 6oz/11oz
Item Code: Wo#013
Digital Silicon Mug Wrap (Conical) 12oz/17oz
Item Code: Wo#014
  Teflon Sheet
Item Code: Wo#018
  Heat Resistant Tape
Item Code: Wo#019
  Silicon Flat Mat for 3D Sublimation Machine
Item Code: Wo#020
Touch Panel for
3D Sublimation Machine

Item Code: Wo#021
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